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Why WordPress Websites?

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The WordPress organisation launched as an open source blogging platform in 2003. WordPress websites now dominate. It has flourished and developed to its current version 4.9. And is now the dominant website platform in the content management system (CMS) with 74% of that market so it is always improving.

Many aspects of the platform make it so popular and suitable and affordable for small business websites:

Open Source & Free

WordPress has no corporate owner so no corporate agenda. It is supported by tens of thousands of developers, meaning a huge input from experience. It has its core team of developers that lead the project development, but anyone can contribute.

It is not free in the sense that free drinks would be, but in the sense that anyone has the freedom to use, modify and distribute the software. There many thousands of plugins for WordPress, the bulk of which are free to use, as open source software.

The only cost of launching a WordPress website is having a hosting service. Hosts such as 1&1, GoDaddy and Inmotion provide well rated basic services for single sites. TechRadar reviewed the top ten hosts in August 2018.

Flexible and Customisable

WordPress is designed for everyone, not just professional developers. If you have the time & patience you can build your own site. It takes a while to become familiar with the fundamentals of WordPress, so you can build your own website at a very low cost.

Many free pre-built themes are available on the repository which means you have a sound starting point for developing a website in WordPress.

Alternative Ways to Build a Website

So, you decide that you want to build your own website? There are some alternatives which provide a packaged solution and include hosting. While these may not offer the same degree of flexibility, they do provide a simpler platform from which to work. Some of the best developed are Wix, Squarespace and Weebly. All and others offer 14 day trial periods.

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