Mobile Responsive Design

mobile responsive design graphic

Mobile responsive design is an important aspect of website building. After content and page loading speed, nothing will drive a user away faster.

Website designers started applying  responsive design to mobile  websites about 5 years ago. Google introduced this as a key page rank factor in April 2015.  Responsive, mobile friendly websites rank better in search results than those sites that are not.  It is key to the user experience.

The graphic shows how the page layout on computers and mobile devices should behave. When considering which website designer to use for your website project bear this in mind. All Sussex Business Websites are responsive by design.

Page Loading Speed

page loading speed is a major part of website optimisation

Another big part of the user experience is page loading speed. How many times have you moved on from a site because it loaded too slowly? Or it took too long to change pages.  Google also ranks page loading speed highly in its calculations. This means that search results are heavily impacted by page loading speed.

This image is a screenshot of a test I ran on one of my Client's home pages. This shows that the page loading speed is faster than 93% of all tested websites. When building a site I optimise the images using several methods. Then I use a site caching service to get the faster speed. The only way to get even faster results is by using dedicated servers to host the websites, but the cost of these is prohibitive.