Does your business need a new website?

An Affordable Pay Monthly Website?

Bespoke Websites Designed and Built for Local Businesses

An affordable website for your business. Ongoing Site management. Including Search Engine Optimisation. And pay monthly.

Affordable Websites, Pay Monthly? Sussex Business Websites design, host, build and maintain affordable pay monthly websites for small & medium size businesses based within 20 miles of Brighton. The service provides a fully managed website with costs linked to the income generated by your business and its cash flow. We use advanced search engine optimisation techniques to deliver first page rankings for selected key phrases. Prices start at £100 initial fee, and from £20 per month on-going.

Website Design Process

The website design process for each Client starts from a blank page. There are no preconceived ideas or pre-built themes. The process begins with a conversation about your business. How it works and what you want to communicate to your customers through your website.

Next, we think about the content of your site and how we will structure the page layout. Once we have reached this stage, I will undertake a keyword and keyphrase analysis. Providing the basis for the content of the pages.

Only then will we start working on the design of your website. We will consider the branding your business has, images that are appropriate. Then we will knit the content together. Until we are both happy with all aspects of the site. Then the site is launched.

What makes these Affordable Websites?

What makes my websites affordable has three parts. As someone involved with small businesses over years, I am mindful of cost, overhead and cash flow.  Included in the monthly fee is the ongoing website management aspect.

Most of my business owners are not website technical and don't have the resource to manage their site. The tools used to build modern websites are ever changing and updated. Almost every day one tool or another will have an update. Without being aware of these changes on a regular basis, the site starts to suffer.

Then there is Search Engine Optimisation. Full optimisation happens at the build stage. But that is not enough. The search engines change what is important for ranking over time. And your competitors are doing the best they can to rank on the web. Part of your monthly fee covers this ongoing work.

Service Features

  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Hosting your website with a UK-based hosting company.
  • Domain Name.
  • Secure HTTPS website
  • Collaborative Design & Build
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly website
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Initial Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Intensive search engine ranking tracking
  • Ongoing optimisation 
  • Ongoing Software updates
  • Content changes
  • Unlimted storage for images

Service Philosophy

  • Provide a high quality & responsive website design, build and management service,
  • Understand each Client's business and aims so as to meet those particular needs,
  • Work with a maximum of twenty Clients, which means there is sufficient time to provide the service in a timely manner. Currently, there are fourteen active Clients,
  • Continually improve the way in which client websites work through regular incremental improvements, using the best tools for the job,
  • If I don't know how to do something, I'll endeavour to find out.  If I still can't, I'll say so.
  • Always be open and honest,
  • At all times, seek to exceed Client expectations.

Why Me?

There are literally hundreds of website designers in Sussex. So why choose me? My background and approach to providing this service probably make me unique.

  • I'm not building and managing websites to get rich,
  • My background is in small & medium size business finance. One of the keys was being able to understand how many different businesses work. I spent ten years in sales and marketing.
  • As an early computer user, I discovered that I both enjoy and have some natural ability with computers. I built my first website about ten years ago and quickly learned Search Engine Optimisation.
  • If you want a genuinely personal website service, and you are based locally to Brighton, do get in touch.

Mobile Friendly

The majority of consumer website browsing is now on mobile phones and tablets. It is, therefore, vital that your website will display well on smartphones and tablets as well as on desktop & laptop screens. All SBW websites are responsive to tablet and mobile phone screens of all sizes. As technology and search engine algorithms changes, so the structure and content of your website must.

Website Costs

For many businesses, the upfront costs of a website can be a problem. Even a small five-page website can cost from £300 to £900 as a one-off fee.  Larger websites are often £2,500 plus for the initial build. My approach is a one-off commitment fee of £100 - £250 and a monthly fee of £35 to £60. The costing for each client website depends on the size of the site and the frequency of updates to content.

Search & SEO

Being found on Search Engines like Google is the main reason for your business being online. Optimised during the initial set-up, your website's SEO is then reviewed and updated monthly. Search is always evolving. Mostly the changes are small but sometimes they can be game-changing. For example, the introduction of SSL certificates as a ranking factor.

John was very patient with the whole process of building my new website and grasped an unknown subject with relish which I feel resulted in a great product which has had lots of compliments.

Daniel Agnew, Owner