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Affordable Websites You Pay for Monthly

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Affordable Websites You Pay for Monthly

Do you want an affordable website for your business? A website you pay for monthly? A fully managed website service?

Sussex Business Websites design, host, build and maintain affordable websites for micro, small & medium size businesses based within 20 miles of Brighton. The service provides a fully managed website with costs linked to income and cash flow. The primary aim is to attract new customers. We use advanced search engine optimisation on Google, Bing & Yahoo delivering first page rankings. Prices start at £100 initial fee and £35 per month on-going.

Website Costs

For businesses, the upfront costs of a website can be a problem. A small site can cost from £300 to £900 as a one-off fee. We offer a pay monthly service. The costs are a one-off commitment fee of £100 - £250 plus £35 to £60 per month. These depend on the size of the site and the frequency of updates to content.

Mobile Friendly

The majority of consumer website browsing is now on mobile phones and tablets. It is, therefore, vital that your website will display well on smartphones and tablets as well as on desktop & laptop screens. All SBW websites are responsive to tablet and mobile phone screens of all sizes. As technology changes so does your website

Search & SEO

Being found on Search Engines, like Google & Bing, is the main reason for your business being on-line. Optimised during the initial set-up, your website's SEO is then reviewed and updated monthly. Search is always evolving. Mostly the changes are small but sometimes they can be game changing.

Questions about whether this is the right service for you?

For a no obligation friendly chat about marketing your business online send me a message and I'll call you back at a time to suit you.